31 (ish) days of Halloween – the party starts here!

We all love Halloween, don’t we? Everyone has movie marathons and challenges planned, from movies to makeup to toys and books. So why should we be any different?

hocus pocus

Well, duh. Because we are. You love movies, right? You love books? You cosplay, have a shelf full of action figures? Why should you have to relegate yourself to just one thing?

Here at ONWnet, we believe in a well-rounded fandom education, so we’re introducing our own 31 Days of Halloween Marathon – not a challenge, just a chance to indulge in all of your interests. Not in the mood to watch a movie today? Curl up with a good book. Or watch a TV show. Or play with your action figures. Whatever you want to do, just as long as you’re getting into the spirit of the season. We’ll be here to play along, naturally, with some suggestions of our own.

And yes, while yesterday was the real kickoff to 31 days of Halloween, so if you haven’t started yet, no worries – life happens! That just means you get double the celebrating time today. So let’s get celebrating, shall we?

skeleton dance


Some suggestions, to get you in the spirit:

I don’t know how the weather is by you, but it’s pouring rain here in NY, as we deal with Hurricane Joaquin’s temper tantrum while he stomps out to sea. Decorating isn’t much of an option right now, so I’m going to curl up on my couch and read Return to the Dark House by Laurie Faria Stolarz. It’s the sequel to last year’s 80’s slasher film meets reality TV book, Welcome to the Dark House, which I could NOT PUT DOWN. If you like old school horror and figuring out who Survivor Girl is going to be, these are the books for you.

Welcome to Dark House   Return-to-the-Dark-House-Laurie-Faria-Stolarz

Once everyone goes to bed, I’m going to kick back and watch a good, old school scary movie. If you’ve never seen the 1920 German horror film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, treat yourself. It’s even available online, for free. You’ve got an insane hypnotist and a murderous sleepwalker. Gah.

If the movie looks slightly familiar to you, you may be a Rob Zombie fan. Watch Living Dead Girl one more time. You know you want to.

Go forth and celebrate! It’s the first weekend of Halloween – embrace your inner goth/ghoul/ghost – it’s our season!



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