Sean Von Gorman Envisions Neil Gaiman’s Origin Story


All superheroes have origin stories, don’t they? Well, if you ask the staff of On Wednesdays We Wear Capes (particularly Rosemary, who has in fact tagged several articles “Neeeeeiiiiiiiillllll” so we know the accompanying level of fangirl flail), author Neil Gaiman is a superhero. So it’s only fair that Neil’s origin story gets immortalized in print by a talented artist, right? Right! Well, it just happened. Sean Von Gorman, whose name might be familiar from The Secret Adventures of Houdini, Pawn Shop, and Toe Tag Riot, (or from that time he chained himself up outside of Forbidden Planet until Houdini sold out, as pictured above) has imagined the seminal (imagined) moment from Neil’s childhood based on a question from a 2006 interview with Jessa Crispin for Bookslut:

How did your interest in mythology start?

I wish I had an origin story for you. When I was four, I was bitten by a radioactive myth.

I remember the first time I encountered Thor was definitely in comics, which left me interested and excited enough in Roger Lancelyn Green’s Tales of the Norsemen that I read it until it fell apart. Then I went out with my own money and bought Roger Lancelyn Green’s Tales of Egypt. Which I read a lot. I was a seven-year-old kid reading ancient Egyptian mythology for pleasure.

(I was also that kid, btw, Neil.) So, with that as his inspiration, what did Sean create? And what, exactly, does a radioactive myth look like anyway? Something like this:


That looks like something you want in your house, doesn’t it? Funny you should say that…Neil’s online store, Neverwhere, is selling copies of the print! This is a limited run of 750 prints, 8 1/2″ x 11″, so you want to get in on it now. Even more incentive? There’s a special pre-sale going on until midnight tomorrow, February 29, and the prints are available for $20 each. (I just bought two, you guys had better buy yours soon or I might think of more friends who need this.) Even better news, some of the money raised is going to charity. A portion of it will go to THE GAIMAN FOUNDATION, Neil’s support of the art community, and some will go to BLACKJAGUARWHITETIGER, a big cat reserve in Mexico. Gorgeous artwork featuring a fan favorite author, and the proceeds benefit good causes…yeah, what are you waiting for? Go get it!

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