Back to School means shopping for the good stuff!

I love back to school shopping. It takes the sting out of going back to school, doesn’t it? Pens, notebooks, Funkos… if you’ve got an interest, there are back to school supplies for you. Here are a few we love:




Dorming or setting up shop somewhere new? Make sure you’ve got your lightsaber screwdriver set, courtesy of ThinkGeek. Use the torque, Luke!





You’ll want a nice Periodic Table of Elements blanket to snuggle up with, and, you know, study from. For science!




How about a nice Portal 2 Companion Cube Rug to warm your tootsies? Don’t forget: the cake is a lie.



Keep all your minifigs and books in one spot with these Build on Brick Bookends!

ilul_build_on_brick_bookends_basicLet your roomies know your alignment with these Warcraft chair banners.


Innovative Supplies

You want some eye-catching new school supplies that help support indie business? You need to check out Innovative Supplies. They’re run by a 27 year old veteran and mom, and she’s got some great gear that celebrates black culture and millennial culture.

What would the world have looked like if Snapchat was around in the days of the Civil Rights movement? The If Martin Had Snapchat Notebook is pretty damn accurate.


Get your STEM on with this beautiful, burgeoning scientist. Give the Higher and Higher notebook to all the girls(and boys!) in your life! I may pick up a few of these to hand out to my Corona Kids.


Can’t say it any better than this. Remind yourself to Be Unique: break the mold, and beat the hell out of the moldmaker.


Entertainment Earth

Keep your desk organized with a Pusheen pencil case, to hold your pencils, pens, sonic screwdrivers… you know, the basics. And make sure that you have a Hulkbuster paperweight keep those loose papers together.


HOLY CRAP, THERE’S A FLASH GORDON NOTEBOOK. My love of this classic 1980 masterpiece knows no bounds. And you’re welcome, because you have the Queen song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Mwah hah hah!


There’s a Master Chief Messenger Bag. THERE’S A MASTER CHIEF MESSENGER BAG.EE_CRCHL119lg


Get into those care packages from home even more quickly with the Batarang letter opener.

What’s on your school supply list? With these sites, you can geekify your syllabus in the greatest of ways!

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