Butter & Scotch: The Lush’s Cookbook

butter scotch

Okay, so maybe that’s not the real title….

Kave and Landreth, owners of Butter and Scotch bar and bakery, present recipes for decadent desserts and luscious adult beverages in their new cookbook, Butter & Scotch: Recipes From Brooklyn’s Favorite Bar & Bakery. The writing style of this cookbook is casual but clear, and photographs show the more intricate instructions for those less familiar with baking.

Flipping through the book made me not only hungry, but anxious to try my hand at things like

Butter and Scotch magic buns

Magic Buns

Magic Buns (a recipe that spans seven pages – five of which are photographed steps) and Cheese Puffs. The recipes themselves are well laid-out, making it easy to gather ingredients and follow the steps.

Most traditional cookbooks break down recipes by ingredient, meal, etc. Not so Butter & Scotch. This unique cookbook puts recipes into logical, if disorderly, categories such as The Basics (Cakes, Pies, Toppings & Cocktails) and nibbles occasions (Late Night, Brunch, Happy Hour, etc.). If this grates at your OCD soul (I feel ya), don’t worry – the Index of Searchable Terms makes up for any Table of Contents confusion.

This is my first cookbook review, and I intended to make several of the recipes beforehand, since just reading a cookbook doesn’t really tell you if the recipes are actually tasty. I managed…two. But O.M.G. the two I managed…

Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

There seems to be a disconnect in my brain between reading a recipe and realizing just what it’s telling me. I went grocery shopping for this recipe, meaning I actually read and wrote down ingredients…and still it didn’t occur to me. It wasn’t until I’d mixed the eight egg mixture with the 1 1/2 cups of brown butter and 3 1/3 cups of sugar that I realized just how much batter was in the bowl. And I still had a pound of flour to add! Just how many cookies was this recipe make? I looked at the recipe again – two dozen. Two dozen HUMONGOUS cookies.

My cookies were not sized to match the recipe, but were about half what was suggested. I also took the recipe’s advice and froze half the batch to make later. Then I took my two dozen cookies (smaller than specified) to book club. They were a complete and total hit. A few people didn’t like the sea salt on top, but that’s easily brushed off for the less adventurous palate. The cookies themselves were the best I’d ever made or eaten, and that’s saying something. I will definitely make these again – and again – and again.

Brown Butter Scotch

I didn’t exactly follow the recipe on this one, either. Not sure if this would turn out drinkable, I used Crown Royal where the recipe suggested Macallan 12 single malt or anything not too peaty. Using what I already had made more sense, economically, and I hoped it wouldn’t affect the taste of the final product.

It didn’t. I can’t imagine how anything would have tasted better, honestly. The brown butter gives the scotch a really deep flavorful taste that you can just roll around on your tongue and savor. I don’t see doing this often, but I will do it again. If you purchase the book and make your own Brown Butter Scotch, I suggest using cheesecloth or something other than a coffee filter for straining the solidified butter out of the liquor (it wasn’t quite a disaster, but I know I lost some valuable alcohol).

One other thing Butter & Scotch offers…a playlist. Yep, a breakdown of song titles from past and present employees along with explanations of why they’re included. I didn’t download these and play them while I cooked this time, but there are some fun upbeat songs listed that might be fun to enjoy another time.

Overall, I give this recipe book four cookies out of five. Grab your copy at your favorite online retailer – and invite me over to share what you cook up!

Butter & Scotch can be found at your local bookstore or at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

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