Queer Geek

The Unlikely, Queer, Nazi Punching Utopia of Guild Wars 2


Dead Chickens: Explaining A Transgender Experience With A Terrible Metaphor

trans girl periods

Trans Girl Periods. Yes, that’s right. No, I’m being serious. Just read the damn article.

Bi Visibility

Why Bi Visibility Day Matters

FlameCon: The Con That Feels Like Home

Subversive Fanfiction

Talking Subversive Fanfiction at FlameCon!

OMFG, Check Please!

Merry Men #1 and LGBT Responsibility in Comics

Remembering the Unknowns

Transgender Awareness Week: Remembering the Unknowns

Flame Con 2

Flame Con 2 Announced: Bigger, Longer, and Hotter (See What I Did There?)

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