Science Geek

Loves to Code

Kickstart This: Sasha Tech Savvy Loves to Code

GoldieBlox Ruby Rails

GoldieBlox Calls Out Hollywood


An “In-Depth” Look At Pluto Thanks To Dr. Brian May

The view of Pluto from Charon.

Isn’t Pluto Lovely at This Time of Year?

Doctor Who riding a triceraptops

Geek Rewind : Grant Morrison Goes Heavy Metal, Maisie Williams Speechifies #LikeAGirl, a New Triceratops Named Wendy


NeuroKnitting : Patterns from Brainwaves

Taxing Streaming Services

Geek Rewind : Chicago’s Netflix Tax, Death by Robot and the Girl Scouts Go Badass


Geek Rewind : Smart Men Saying Stupid Things, Chris Hemsworth Cast in Ghostbusters

The Octavia Project – Using Science Fiction and Fantasy to Inspire Young Girls

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