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Your Rat Queens: The Founders & Co-Editors of On Wednesdays

Julie Hegner has been descending the geek rabbit hole since she watched her first episode of Star Trek at age eight. A longtime fan of Trek, Doctor Who, X-Files, and the Whedonverse, it was only a matter of time until hanging out with other geek girls and repeatedly watching Tom Hiddleston led her to the awesomeness of reading comics, and Julie is now a proud Marvel fangirl (and Sleepyhead, Hellblazer, and Fannibal, not necessarily in that order). She takes a special joy in reading about and watching ladies who kick ass, but in general anything with a good storyline floats her boat. You can find out what she’s thinking at any given moment on Twitter, where she’s @julz91.

Nancy Joyce is a college bookstore manager in NYC. She’s been a geek girl for as long as she can remember, with a Dad who raised her on Star Trek and told her Night Stalker plot-lines as bedtime stories. She was hooked on comics from the day a friend handed her the Life Death issue of X-Men. She writes about the non-geek side of her life on her shared blog  You can tweet her at @bronxgrrl.

Rosemary Kiladitis is a children’s librarian, a mom, and a proud fangirl. She did her homework while watching reruns of the 1966 Batman series, leading to a longstanding love of the Bat, and Barbara Gordon is the real reason she went to library school. She loves superheroes, but tends to side with supervillains, and is secretly married to Hellboy. Or Deadpool. She can’t remember, but it’s one of them. Roe blogs about children’s and teen books at, and you can read her 140 character ramblings on twitter @RoeSolo.

Frenchie R. is a Bronx-based writer, photographer, bloodletter, geek about town, and former contributing writer to Dipped In Cream and Meandering Entertainer. Having long decided that reading is preferable to human interaction, she’s an avid consumer of fanfic and the media from which it stems. A woman of many fandoms, her feelings on sci-fi, horror, superheroes, and social justice are usually loud and peppered with profanity. When not daydreaming about Spock, she can be found perpetually live tweeting various shows on Twitter at @lafemmeluna. #TeamIronMan


The Baker Street Irregulars (Our Contributors):

Ai A. is a professional artist and graphic designer who grew up stealing, er, reading her brother’s comic books until she started collecting her own. She can count the X-Files, Newsies, and the original run of L.J. Smith books as her very first fandoms, and she’s tripped and fallen into various fandoms over the years from Harry Potter to Hannibal. However, kpop has become her particular specialty over the last few years and takes pride in the number of people she’s introduced to the magical world of singing and dancing Koreans in such a short time. When she’s not being a Kpop Apostle, Ai is geeking out over tv and movies and loving on her two brat cats. You can talk nerdy to her @yabamena on Twitter.

MB is a twenty-something Hufflepuff with a deep and abiding love of The Mighty Boosh and all things British, who sadly lives near Washington, DC instead of London, where she clearly belongs. With a major in English language and literature and a minor in astronomy, it should come as no surprise that she likes to read and write about geeky things. Having a bigger appetite for books and comics than her bookshelves can reasonably accommodate, she’s making it work. She would elope with Sirius Black, Spock, or Bucky Barnes in a heartbeat, and she will fight you for them. When not reading or watching entirely too many TV shows (send help), you can probably find her at a rock concert. Follow her at @Booshette for frequent nonsensical ramblings, fangirling, and feminist rage.

Heather Miller Cover has been a fangirl since she joined the “official” Pierce Brosnan fan club at age 13. At eighteen she joined a local Star Trek group and starting working security at sci-fi conventions. Despite her hard-earned art degree, Heather became a public librarian, and discovered that talking about books with teens and adults looking for their next favorite read was also a fandom. You can find her reviews here or at, as well as in the pages of School Library Journal, a national publication geared toward public and school librarians working with children and teenagers. You can also find her on twitter @hemcover for fangirly and frequently coffee deprived tweets.

Grace E. was raised on a steady diet of Original Star Trek, Batman movies and any science fiction or fantasy book she could find at her school libraries and book fairs. Her favorite authors are Anne McCaffrey and Jim Butcher and anyone who writes a strong female protagonist. She loves Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Trek (all of them), DC, Marvel, anything by Whedon, Orphan Black, Warehouse 13, Haven, Defiance, and the list goes on. You can catch @lilmdp on Twitter.

Regan G. is also known as EvilScienceChick, but her friends call her bitch! (with love!  probably!) She transferred her internet addition from blogging to social media a few years ago and can currently be found on Facebook and Tumblr, entertaining her friends with randomness.  Her geek cred was inherited from her parents: stealing Steven King and Terry Brooks off her mother’s bookshelves from what was probably too young an age, and watching The Muppet Show and ST:TNG on TV with her father.  Her current hobbies include knitting, reading Urban Fantasy books, and frustrating her friends by not watching their favorite shows.  She is also probably a little TOO obsessed with Steven Universe.

Alaina Kailyn Alaina Kailyn is in no particular order an Author, Geek, Minister, Bender of Board Game Rules, Poet, Devourer of Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Theologian, Cosplayer, Trans Woman, Makeup Addict, Activist and Mom. All that makes for a very scattered, very passionate woman and a very patient family. I once ate a Man’s hat just to see if he would notice his head was cold. See Darling I told you no one reads these things. Cucumber armoire decision plesiosaur. Remember to tip your waiters. Her Theology blog is for those curious, and you can tweet at her face @AlainaKailyn on Twitter.

Kim L. was raised right on Star Trek: TNG and a steady supply of fantasy literature, which remains her primary love.  She belongs to many fandoms including Harry Potter, the X-Files, Doctor Who, and Lord of the Rings.  In her most geek-worthy moment, Kim earned her Master’s in English Literature with a thesis on Harry Potter.  You can find her on Twitter @TiltedWorldView.

Michelle LePage is a twenty-something international woman of mystery – sadly sans red hat and trench coat. Armed with several (mostly useless) degrees from several (stupidly expensive) universities, Michelle is liable to go on at length about gender, poststructuralism, and East European history if you give her even half a chance. Michelle is most likely to be found in a café somewhere in Europe, guzzling coffee and reading or writing alot of queer fanfiction (usually about gay detectives, although she’s willing to compromise – with superheroes or wizards, for instance). When she grows up, Michelle hopes to be the kind of gamer that doesn’t have nightmares after the jumpy bits in Bioshock. You can follow Michelle on Twitter or tumblr at @1electricpirate.

Stacey Mellus is a rabid fan of all things fantastic, be it Sci-Fi, fantasy, or superhero.  She’s part robot, and a geek with a love of technology, she’s not ever going to located “off the grid.”  Give her some WiFi and a connectable gadget and she’s suddenly a kid at Christmas. These days you can find her working hard on indoctrinating her baby into geek girl culture. You can find her on Twitter @staceymellus

SaciP loves good coffee, comics, and books. You can usually find her sharpening her parasol as she prepares to do battle with the forces of incivility, or at the public library, where she tirelessly works through her neverending To-Read list. You can catch fleeting glimpses of her @PSaci.

Rachael Acks is a writer, geologist, and sharp-dressed sir. She’s had short stories in Strange Horizons, Lightspeed, Daily Science Fiction, Shimmer, and more. She’s an active member of SFWA, the Northern Colorado Writer’s Workshop, and Codex.

Shell F. is a lucky sumbitch who gets to work with books every day on a professional level. When she deigns to lift her nose out of one, you can find her playing Dungeons and Dragons, finding mythological roots to everything, sorting everyone into Hogwarts Houses, watching way too much TV, listening to kpop and showtunes, and writing until her fingers bleed. One of her favorite things is urban fantasy – what seems like the real, normal world, with any kind of magic thrown in, or magical worlds right alongside real ones. While her current fandoms are paranormal or supernatural, she can trace her geeky roots all they way back to eagerly watching Star Trek: TNG as it aired when she was in single digits. A geek of all trades, and master of some, you can find her over at @mythicgeek.

Krystal Loh is a desk jockey by day and a slash connoisseur by night. Eater of Lucky Charms in the morning. You can talk to her about Japan, video games,  fanfic and why Henrik Lundqvist is king at her Twitter @pseudomachine.

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