Geek Bookshelf: Black City Demon, by Richard A. Knaak

Last year, I raved about the first book in a new urban fantasy series, Black City Saint, where a Catholic saint, joined with the dragon he famously slew, lives and works as a detective, solving paranormal crimes. Nick Medea – the name Saint George works under in 1920s Chicago – is back in the next installment of the series, Black City Demon.

Black City Demon, by Richard A. Knaak, (March 2017, Pyr), $18, ISBN: 978-1633882751

Nick’s trying to get back to what passes for normal after the events of Black City Saint, but a serious evil is on the rise again, and both Nick and the Dragon are in its sights. With his shapeshifting buddy Fletch, the reincarnation of his eternal love, Claryce, and the ghost of the roman emperor that ordered his death, Nick finds himself taking on the Devil in the White City himself.

I love this series. Knaak brilliantly evokes Chicago’s Jazz Age; Prohibition and gangs rule the day, and the cops seem to show up at the worst possible times for poor Nick. Fletch’s attempts at street slang are as hilarious as they are painful to Nick, and his hard-boiled dialogue could give Sam Spade a run for his cigarettes. He blends the fantastic with the gritty realism of the Prohibition Era, leaving bits of each in the other’s world while introducing an insidious horror – based in reality – that will keep you gripping the book until its conclusion.

Do yourself a favor and don’t miss this series. It’s out right now, so get to your bookstore or your library and take it home.

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