Kickstart This: Gothic Tales of Haunted Love

We have a bit of a Kickstarter problem here at On Wednesdays. If we could spend all our days scanning for new projects to back, and had the money to do so, we’d be perfectly content with out lives. Sadly we can’t but we can share some of the ones we’re excited about with you so you can back them too. The most recent project I’ve backed is from Hope (just take my money already dammit) Nicholson. She is editing a new anthology of Gothic Romance comics called Gothic Tales of Haunted Love.

Here’s a bit of a preview:

Featuring 22 original stories from some of modern comics’ finest talent, Gothic Tales of Haunted Love collects fragments of lovers torn apart, ghostly revenge, and horrific deeds, in the vein of 1970s gothic romance comics such as Haunted Love, Ghostly Tales, Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love, and Gothic Romances. Discover a diverse range of heroes and villains, spirits and monsters, in a modern reimagining that will leave your heart pounding and broken in the same seductive breath.

The stories look like fantastically gothic fun. I couldn’t resist of course and backed it for the physical and digital copy, as well as bookplate and print. Look at the preview pages, can you blame me?

gothic tales 2

Gothic Tales of Haunted Love

gothic tales 3

gothic tales 4


































You know you need this book in your life as much as I do.

You can see more here and while you’re there become a backer so this lovely project can come to fruition.

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