Liquor and Literature. An evening with The Drunk Shakespeare Society.

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When you’re greeted with an exuberant “Welcome!” along with a refreshing pineapple shot (don’t ask me what was in it),  you know you’re in for fun evening!

Presented by “The Drunk Shakespeare Society”, several actors set out to perform an unusual yet hilarious rendition of “Macbeth”.   Located on the second floor of The Lounge (300 W 43rd Street), the room is set up to look like an old dusty library – which, in my opinion, is the perfect setting.

Now, not all the actors are drunk.  That would be crazy.  One lucky performer is selected that evening and, along with a member of the audience to confirm the authenticity of ONE shot, must down 5 shots of tequila.  This past Saturday, the honor went to Kelsey Lidsky, a.k.a Lady Macbeth.  Bless her heart.

Later on as one of the three witches, she actually downed the brew which was made from various audience members’ beer.  Yes, she consumed a weird beverage made of several different types of beer.  And she could still recite the most complex dialogue quickly and effortlessly!  In fact, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the actors do not know their “Macbeth” or any Shakespeare for that matter.

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Oh, did I mention there was a King and Queen who paused the performance to make the drunk actor act out a challenge or two?  And it was up to them to decide if they should pardon the actor or it was “off with her head!”  There was a puppet thrown in as well as a dance-off between Macbeth and Macduff rather than the sword fight.

With a lot of audience interaction without being annoying, the actors really immerse themselves into the entire performance without breaking stride or watering down “Macbeth”.    The actors also throw in some pop culture and current events references without it feeling forced.

I definitely plan on seeing this again!  For tickets and more information, visit the website.

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