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It’s been a while since we talked comics here, so let’s get back into the swing of things, shall we? There are some good books coming out this week; come with me and take a look at a few things hitting the shelves.


Wonder Woman: The George Perez Omnibus, by George Perez, Art by Chris Marrinan, Vol. 2 (ISBN: 978140127238859999, $99) Yes, this is way pricier than your usual pull list fare, but it’s the second hardcover omnibus of George Perez’s Wonder Woman run from 1988-1990, following the events of the Invasion storyline, and includes the origin story for Cheetah! Collects Wonder Woman issues #25-45 and Annual #2. Treat yo’self!


American Gods #3 (Diamond ID: MAR170032, $3.99), by Neil Gaiman, Art by P. Craig Russell, Cover by Glenn Fabry Are you watching American Gods on Starz? If not, pause here, go pull it up On Demand or get a login code from your best friend. Trust me on this. Next, keep up with the story between episodes with the comic, which keeps up with the TV show, so you can have a fix from Monday-Saturday. In this issue, Shadow’s just seen his dead wife again, and clears the hell out of Eagle Point. He meets up with an interesting family, to say the least – if you caught last week’s episode, you know where this is going. If you haven’t, go find American Gods and watch NOW.


Red Sonja Vol. 4, #5 (Diamond ID: MAR171694, $3.99), by Amy Chu, Art by Carlos E. Gomez, Cover by Mike McKone So Red Sonja is in modern-day New York now. Yeah. That was my reaction, too. I dig Amy Chu’s writing, and Carlos E. Gomez’ art is great, but I’m just riding this storyline out in the hopes that Sonja goes back to the Hyborian Age, where we love her best. Anyway, in this issue, she’s still trying to stop Kulan Gath, who’s still trying to bring about the end of the world.

I know, Shadow. Me, too.


Spawn #1 25th Anniversary Director’s Cut, by Todd McFarlane, Cover Artist Ashley Wood (Diamond ID MAR170645, $4.99) Can you believe Spawn is 25 years old? Say what you want about Todd McFarlane (Cthuhu knows I do), but he created the gift that keeps on giving with Spawn. The Director’s Cut includes original Spawn #1 art boards, commentary by McFarlane, and some “vintage surprises from the early days of Spawn”. Damn, I miss when Angela was written by Neil Gaiman and was an actual badass Hellspawn-hunting angel, rather than the second fiddle to some Asgardian family drama. Sigh. Moving on.


The Wicked & The Divine 455 AD #1 (ONE-SHOT), by Kieron Gillen, Art by Andre Araujo, Cover Art by Jamie Mckelvie (Diamond ID MAR170730, $3.99) If you’ve never picked up an issue of The Wicked & The Divine, start here. All you need to know: Gods as pop stars. 455AD is a one-shot story, “City of God”, about Lucifer and the fall of Rome. Fiddle with us while Rome burns!


Luke Cage #1, by David Walker Art by Nelson Blake II, Cover Art by Rahzzah (Diamond ID MAR170990, $3.99) Netflix is teasing the hell out of us with The Defenders, Marvel’s relaunching Luke Cage, and all is well. Luke Cage heads down to N’awlins for a funeral, but The Big Easy hides a lot of secrets. Secret gangs, mysterious billionaires, shady ladies, all here, and Luke Cage is looking for answers from all of them.


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