The Rejected Princesses book is the fairest of them all

Do you know about the Rejected Princesses Tumblr? It’s animator Jason Porath’s brilliant, gorgeous site saluting “Women too Awesome, Awful, or Offbeat for Kids’ Movies” and because life is beautiful, he got a book deal. Featuring women in both myth and reality, Porath does extensive research on these warrior women and updates his site every Wednesday. The book features 100 profiles, with each woman getting a gorgeous, Disney Princess-type illustration that’s as beautiful as it is tongue-in-cheek (check the site and the book for art explanations). Take a look for yourself, and make sure to hit up the Tumblr for even more badass, wonderful women!

boudicaBoudica, the Brit who rebelled against the Romans, burnt London down to red clay, and became an enduring national heroine.


maibhagoMai Bhago, who led the Sikhs in an uprising against the Mughals, and is considered a warrior-saint by the Sikhs to this day.


oshtischOsh-Tisch, whose name translates to “Finds Them and Kills Them”, a Two Spirits spiritual leader and warrior for the Crow Nation. A baté leader, she was an assigned male at birth woman; a Two Spirit. Because the Native Americans were light years ahead of us when it comes to recognizing gender identity.


mariyaoktyabrskayaMariya Oktyabrskaya,who was widowed during World War II, and joined the fray. She was the first woman to win the Hero of the Soviet Union award AND named her tank Fighting Girlfriend.

idawellsIda B. Wells, who refused to give up her seat 71 years before Rosa, helped found the NAACP, AND brought the horror of lynching to light. Her journalism pulled no punches, and she never ran – in fact, she lived with death threats while exposing racism and murder for the next 40 years.


hatshepsutForget King Tut and his hidden tomb of riches. Hatshepsut established trade networks and commissioned countless building projects in ancient Egypt, including so many statues that just about every museum in the world has artifacts from her rule in their collections. You know how we know she was that damned good? Because her successors tried to erase all signs of her existence.


Now that you’ve finished Sam Maggs’ Wonder Women, go get yourself a copy of Rejected Princesses. Feminize that history bookshelf!


Rejected Princesses is by Jason Porath and published by Dey Street Books. $26.99, ISBN: 9780062405371

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