Star Wars and Petco Make Me Want A Dog

Star Wars Pet Toys at Petco

I was recently in a Petco, and it appears that the Force has Awakened big time in the animal world.  I don’t have any pets at present, and now that I’ve seen this amazing influx of Star Wars pet merchandise, I really wish I had a dog.  I mean, I wanted a dog already, but now… sigh, if only I didn’t have a mild allergy and a baby/job to keep me from having the time.

The merchandise line runs from your expected Leia and Yoda headpiece costumes for cats and dogs, to engravable pet tags, leashes and collars.

The toys are my favorites.  I almost want a cat just so I can play with this mouse Han and Leia. By the way, I’m really, really allergic to cats.

I Love Cheese… I Know…


R2-D2 and C-3PO might make the sneezing worth it…

You silly bucket of bolts, you can’t eat cheese…


The crowning glory is really this dog toy though, the Death Star with Vader and Storm Trooper inserts.

That’s no ball…

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