Supergirl Pilot Leaks Online!

Supergirl Flies in the Fall

Somehow the Supergirl pilot has leaked onto the internet. The leak feels a bit convenient as it is excellent quality with no watermark according to Comic Book Resources. Forbes is flat out saying it’s a deliberate ploy by CBS to build buzz around the new show. This makes sense as the trailer got a lot of attention last week after being released at the upfronts.

The Flash, also produced by WB was leaked, similarly last Spring and it still premiered to huge ratings and only grew into a bigger hit as the season went on. This may be the new secret, viral marketing. The studio or network themselves quietly leaking it onto the internet to get the teeming masses whipped up into a frenzy by letting the power of the interwebs do all the work.

It remains to be seen if the advance look does Supergirl as much benefit as it did for The Flash.

If you are the type to seek out entertainment through less than legal means you can find it on most torrent sites I gather.

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