Themis was just the beginning: Waking Gods is the next step.

Remember last year, when we talked about Sleeping Giants? Book by Sylvain Neuvel, giant robot buried in the earth, scientists, military, shadowy government figures, FREAKING AWESOME? Well, get ready: the second book in The Themis Files is out tomorrow: Waking Gods ups the ante, big time.

Picking up about a decade after the events in Sleeping Giants, we get reacquainted with a few of our friends from Sleeping Giants: Kara Resnick and Vincent Couture are back, as is our shadowy government friend, and a few other characters you’ll know and love (or love to hate). Themis, the robot from Sleeping Giants, is a global sensation: she’s got action figures and everything; she’s a beloved Iron Giantess. And then… well, you know someone has to crash the party, right?

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Other giant mechs show up, and the Earth Defense Corps (EDC), formed after Themis’ discovery, scrambles into action. In a scene reminiscent of the first Independence Day flick back in ’96, the first strategy is to be friendly – after all, they gave us Themis, right? Show them we’re friendly folk; bring out the kids, have a BBQ in hopes… what, that the robot will join you? This is NOT the Iron Giant, man!

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As expected, “Operation: Robot Tailgate” goes horrifically wrong. Earth is under attack, and our armed forces aren’t enough. It’s going to take some serious brain power and some kung pao chicken lunches with mysterious, shadowy figures to even get us in the game, let alone on the playing field. Let’s hope Themis and Company is up to the task.

Waking Gods takes everything that made Sleeping Giants such fantastic reading and turns it all up. The format stays the same: military reports, interview transcripts, media transcripts, diary entries. It puts readers into the heart of the action; it makes us the keeper of secret knowledge, it lets us in on the behind-the-scenes chaos at the end of the world. There’s plenty here for the tech sci fi geeks; the robot geeks; the science geeks, and the sci-fi, anime-loving giant robot geeks. This is simply incredible science fiction that guarantees a white-knuckled read and a complete disregard for such menial things as bedtime. And buckle up, folks: there’s another installment coming.

As Kirkus, who gave Waking Gods a starred review, says: “In a word: unputdownable.”


Waking Gods, by Sylvain Neuvel, (Apr. 2017, Del Rey/Ballantine), $28, ISBN: 978-1-101-88672-4



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