Welcome to your newest addiction: Haberdashery

Before I start talking about the kickass wonder that was the Boston Festival of Indie Games this year, I have to revisit a game from last year that’s become my newest phone gaming obsession. I give to you, Haberdashery, from Luna Wolf Studios.

haberdashery-752x440image from IndieGameStand.com

Luna Wolf was at last year’s BFIG, and the Tween and I were immediately in love. You’re a sheep. Running from a dragon. And collecting hats, from hat boxes, along the way. I AM IN. Not sold? Pfft, everyone’s a critic. Let me give a little more.

You play the sheep, running across a changing landscape, and you have to avoid obstacles like spikes, fires, trees, and boulders. You pick up the hat boxes as you go, and each hat gives you specific abilities – but you have to figure out what those abilities are. I’ll give you one that Tween just discovered: the George Washington hat lets you run through the trees, collecting points, rather than dying. Get it? Because George Washington allegedly chopped down a cherry tree and told his father? Each hat sends up a hilarious message on the screen, too; my favorite is the Emo Hat, which is really an emo, black hair piece, and comes with the lament, “No-baaaady understands me!”

Every day, you get  the chance to play a slot machine for the chance to win new hats and coins (which you can save to buy new hats, which unlock in the game). Game play is not as easy as you’d think – those obstacles get tricky, and jumping over them isn’t always so easy. That’s my one little complaint, to be honest: there’s a very specific window to jump, and that’s mostly dependent on luck; at least it is for me.

It’s a free download, it’s fun, and it’s just about instantly addictive. It’s available for iOS or via Google Play. Give it a shot, and let me know if you figure out some other hat abilities! Help a sister out!



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