X-Philes, Assemble!



When the X-Files reboot was announced at the end of March, I had some admittedly mixed feelings.  On one hand, I’ve always been such a huge fan of the show that my birthday gifts from friends have often been X-Files paraphernalia.  I thought my head might actually explode with the heady fangirl feels that surged through my brain when I saw that the reboot was truly, honestly, no lies, for real happening.  I also may or may not have done a long, impromptu, interpretative dance in homage. However, when I had some time to collect my thoughts, I felt a bit of doubt creep in.  Is this what I really want?  Is this really going to recapture all the magic of the original series?  What if Jar Jar Binks shows up?!  I enjoyed the last movie, but I didn’t love it.  The movie would have made a great episode or two of the show, but as a full-length film, I found it lacking.  Sure, Billy Connolly as the psychic pedophile priest was genius, but the bad guys were so…ordinary.  No aliens, no conspiracies, no classic baddies.  Just humans. So, what to think? In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, David Duchovny summed up what I’d like for the format of this reboot.  “I know there are only six [episodes] so there’s going to be a mixture of stand alones—what we always called monster of the week episodes—and the mythology,” said Duchovny. “Which is basically what this series always was, which is a mix of those things, and even in this limited version there’s going to be that mix.” Perfect.  That checks one concern off my list. Now for the cast.  Here’s who I’d like to see in those episodes:

The Good – Besides Mulder and Scully, I was thrilled to hear that Skinner will also be appearing.  I wish I could say the same for the Lone Gunman, but tragically, they met their end in the last episode of their own spin-off series.  I’ve seen some people beg for Monica Reyes and John Doggett to come back.  I’m not in this camp.  Even in the show, they  always felt like stand-ins to me.



The Bad – Please, please, please, please bring back the Smoking Man.  I know he supposedly died at the end of the series, but since he is the Master of the X-Files universe, no one would question his return.  If I had two more wishes it would be for the return of Alex Krycek and Marita Covarrubias.  They all spun such complex webs of conspiracies that so enriched the show.  I know I won’t get this wish, but it would be fantastic if they continued a few of the conspiracies from the original series while working in some more recent world events.

The Ugly – I have a huge list of favorite monsters.  The Flukeman has always, and will always, top said list.  I would love to see another iconic Flukeman episode.  The little gray men also better make at least a few appearances.  And, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want the Peacock family to drop in for a visit?  Eugene Tooms, Leonard Betts, and Donnie Pfaster were also some of my favorites.  I don’t expect them to return, but some new characters in this vein would be ideal. Now that I’ve reread this list, I realize that I’m asking for a lot more than six episodes.  More like six seasons.  Still, if even a handful of these wishes are granted by the genie Chris Carter, I’ll be one satisfied X-Phile.



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