You’re never too old to write to Santa!

Ahhhh.  Christmas is upon us.  Christmas music galore blasting from every speaker. A “jolly” Santa Claus in every mall.  Nativity scenes gracing every Church interior and exterior (as well as many homes in my neighborhood).  Oh!  How could I forget?  Presents!emerald ninja

I was that child that made it EXPLICITLY CLEAR what I wanted for Christmas.  It was always the latest doll.  And not only did I mention the doll every chance I got, I created scenarios.  For example, my mother asked about my day in Kindergarten and I replied, “Well, it was good.  We learned how to make flowers using pipe cleaners and tissue paper. I’m going to make extra so when Baby Heather comes home, I can put it in her crib so she can smell something nice every morning.”  See what I did there?



These days, rather than a letter to Santa, I provide my family with a wish list because they need help and direction.

I love Monty Python and laugh until I cry each time I watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Life of Brian.  Therefore, it makes sense that I would want the Limited Edition Catapult Gift Set!

I’ve used this insult in the past. (via

Of course, I need the Funkos!  (There are many Funkos on my list!)

unique hunters

I need Tim and the French Taunter!

It’s no secret that I’m a Potterhead and that I love to bake.  I definitely need these cookie cutters for when I make my favorite sugar cookies.  What better way to enjoy them than with a fresh mug of butterbeer in this adorable mug?  (More mugs here.)


With all the unavoidable stress that comes with the Holidays, I tend to mutter “Serenity Now!” throughout the day.  I need this shirt.

spread shirt

I was able to cross a few things off my list 3 weeks ago, when my brother gave me Colour Me Good Tom Hiddleston and this quote journal!  Looks like someone wants to become my favorite sibling.


Speaking of devilishly charismatic men, there are a few Jim Moriarty items on my wish list, including this shirt and this pillow.


And, if at all possible, this:


What are some of the fun and must-have items on your wish list?

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